ecu remapping

Esben Remapping offer custom tuned ECU remapping for just about every car on the market. We use the latest tuning technology by Alientech to ensure that every file is bespoke and accurate for your vehicle. We do not use generic tuning files from the internet or from 3rd party sources, everything is carried out in-house.

The process starts with a full ECU read from your vehicle to ensure we have a full copy before any changes. We then tune your ECU file depending on the characteristics that are required. Then the file is written back into the vehicle and tested.

Our prices start from £250 inc. VAT regardless of whether your ECU needs to be removed for bench programming to overcome the TriCore protection or not. We do not believe that you as the owner of the vehicle should be penalised for the ECU type the manufacturer has fitted. We now offer Stage 2 tuning options, due to the higher turbo pressures that can be utilised, vehicles must have had either the catalytic converter replaced with a race cell version or removed completely and diesel vehicles must have the DPF removed otherwise damage to the turbo is likely.

Stage 1 Tune Features

  • Economy or Power Maps
  • Mapping to a particular fuel octane rating (petrol turbo vehicles only)
  • EGR & Swirl Flap Delete Option
  • DPF Software Delete Option (not for road use – risk of MOT failure)

Stage 2 Tune Features:

  • Power Map Only – Requires de-cat (petrol only) or DPF removal (diesel only)
  • Mapping to 99RON as standard (petrol turbo vehicles only)
  • EGR Blank/Removal Highly Recommended
  • DPF Removal Required (not for road use – will cause MOT failure)

In the event of your car’s software being updated by the dealership, if needed we can remap your car again for free as the tuned map often gets erased when the update is performed.

diagnostics & repairs

Through our partner Reteuro, we can accommodate all aspects of diagnostics and remedial works, if you have problems with your vehicle whether you are looking at a remap or not the team at Reteuro can assist!

All VW/Audi/Skoda/Seat cars can be serviced with genuine parts and consumables where required with service book stamping and dealership servicing procedures, you can be safe in the knowledge that your vehicle gets all the right parts but without the dealership price tag!

For more information or to book your vehicle for servicing or maintenance, please contact Linda or Simon on 01476 210293.

  • Full OBD-II Diagnostics and Reporting
  • DPF Regeneration
  • Fortron Injector Cleaning
  • Full scan before remapping
  • Manufacturer Specific Diagnostics
  • Sensor Data Output


Why should I use Esben?

We are a VAT registered Limited Company with history in motorsport and we are just about obsessed with vehicle performance and tuning, what started out as a sideline to our primary IT support business, our remapping arm has become a large part of our business. As what we offer is a more personal service surrounding remapping and our goal is satisfaction with every map we do, we are always here if something is not right, if you are not happy with a remap, you quite simply don’t pay for it!

Should I Get A Remap?

For the most part, we would say yes, of course! However, you will find that we do not encourage people with small capacity, naturally aspirated engines as the gains are so small (single figures) that we do not feel it is a good return on investment and as much as we enjoy what we do, common sense must prevail so if you do wish to have a remap, we will flag this with you first and ask you if you really,really, really want it done!

What vehicles do we remap?

Please download the following PDF files for a full list of vehicles we can work on;

OBD Port Based Vehicles

Download – List of cars that we remap throgh the OBD port

ECU Removal Based Vehicles

Download – List of cars that require ECU removal

What returns can you expect?

Depending on engine type, the yields vary however on a turbo diesel typically 30bhp with varying increases of torque depending on engine type, a VAG TDI can get as much as 75nm extra torque!

What improvement will I see in MPG?

For petrol based cars, providing your driving style does not change, the economy gains are marginal at best, you may see potentially 2-3mpg improvement but generally we would not suggest that you remap your petrol vehicle for economy. Typically petrol engine remapping deals with flat spots across the rev range and top end bhp.

For diesel vehicles, the returns are much better, you could see an improvement of around 20% to your existing MPG. As diesel remaps yield much higher torque improvements, you need less throttle to achieve the same torque level as used on the standard map. This results in an improvement of MPG due to less throttle and the refined fuelling map.

How long does it take?

For cars that can have the ecu re-written through the OBD port we usually allow for 2-4 hours and is split into 3 stages;
1) Read from car ECU
2) Build the map file
3) Write back to car ECU

For cars that need ECU extraction for bench programming, we prefer to have the car for the day so we can take our time working on the ECU as this requires more attention to detail.