Remap Process

About the Remap

We prefer to work through the OBD2 diagnostic port however some vehicles have Infineon Tricore protection which is an anti-tuning chip built into certain Bosch ECUs. In this event we remove the ECU from the vehicle and connect directly to the programming pads on the ECU circuit board.

On some of the Tricore protected ECUs we can modify them to permit programming via the OBD port, where possible we carry out this modification to simplify the programming of the ECU.

Every tuning file we make is generated from a complete read of your ECU, this way we ensure software versions, injector coding and all other parameters are exactly for your vehicle and we have a perfect copy of your ECU stored on file should we need a backup for any reason.

The Remap Process

  1. An initial scan of the car is performed for fault codes to ensure we are starting with a healthy car. Then we download a full copy of your ECU, depending on type of ECU we can do this via the OBD port or where ECU tuning protection is in place we have to physically remove the ECU from the car and connect directly to it to download the contents of the ecu.
  2. Our tuning expert of 25 years then takes the downloaded data and develops the tune based on what has been downloaded from the car. This way we ensure that the file is accurately matched to the ECU it has come from. Developing the map is not just about raising a few values, ECUs can contain multiple maps depending on engine load/temperature etc. so the map has to be carefully considered and written in a way that enhances drivability.
  3. We upload the finalised file back to the car using the same process as used in downloading, all data is verified prior to rewriting so a successful write is ensured. If anything is not quite right we will not upload the map and the vehicle will stay on the original file.
  4. Customer road test where applicable.